What is Osteopathy?

Osteopaths use physical manipulation, stretching and massage to relieve muscle tension and increase the mobility of joints and help the body’s healing mechanisms.  As well as treating your symptoms, osteopaths take the time to understand the cause of your pain and help prevent further problems from occurring.  Osteopathic care may include manual therapy, exercise therapy, onward referral and health management advice, as determined by the patient’s needs.

Osteopaths complete four years of undergraduate study and are registered healthcare professionals.  All osteopaths keep their skills up to date with continuing professional development.  You can find out more about our team of osteopaths here.


Low back pain




Sciatic pain


Leg & arm pain


Arthritic pain


Neck and shoulder pain


Minor sports injuries

What conditions do you treat?

Osteopaths can treat a wide range of conditions from back pain, neck pain and frozen shoulder to fibromyalgia and minor sports injuries.  Osteopathy is suitable for everyone from babies to the elderly.

A holistic approach

One of our key osteopathic concepts is that if the structure of the body has been impaired, then it is unable to function efficiently.

To determine the cause of the problem, an osteopath will carry out a thorough assessment, examining the structure of the body, by observing a patient’s posture and mobility, and then using the appropriate hands-on techniques to improve its function and thus returning the body to a state of optimal health.

This form of assessment is the great strength of the osteopathic profession, as it takes into account all aspects of a patient’s lifestyle, in order to treat the cause of the condition, not just the symptoms of it. We work in partnership with our patients.

The initial consultation takes an hour, which provides us with the opportunity to listen and consider issues that may seem unrelated, yet are crucial to a patient’s wellbeing.

As part of the care plan we may discuss exercise and lifestyle advice, Patients are encouraged to discuss any questions about their symptoms or recovery with their osteopath who will provide a source of ongoing support and direction as required.


Initial appointment - 1 hour

£60 with Associate Osteopath

£70 with Principal Osteopath

Subsequent appointments - 1/2 hour

£50 with Associate Osteopath

£60 with Principal Osteopath

Osteopath holding patient's feet
Osteopath holding a skull to explain treatment

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