You may be feeling hurt, sad, anxious, angry, nervous, ashamed or lonely. Or a combination of these.

Maybe you lack confidence or self-esteem. Maybe your social or intimate relationships are causing you stress. Maybe you lack self-care. Maybe, quite simply, life could be better.

Importantly, neither searching the internet nor self-help books have been enough, and you need someone to talk to. Someone who will listen to you without judgement, and who will acknowledge and help you process your sometimes overwhelming feelings.

Equally, you may be looking for a therapist to work with by way of self-development. Perhaps you are a counsellor yourself, or are on the path to being one.

My approach is integrative. For short term work, I am likely to draw on personal construct psychology, exploring how we make meaning in our lives, and on CBT. Longer term work is likely to take a more psychodynamic approach, where we explore unconscious processes that affect us and our defences against uncomfortable or even terrifying feelings. We consider how early relationships reveal themselves in the way we relate to each other.

What you will experience is an empathic listener, gently encouraging you to put words to your thoughts and feelings in the security of a confidential, boundaried, therapeutic relationship.

The next step

Choosing a counsellor is a personal decision. Some like the safety net of choosing a counsellor who they will like, including their age, sex etc. Perhaps someone who reminds them of a kindly relative. Others choose a counsellor less within their comfort zone, to challenge themselves, or they choose their counsellor because of their particular experience or expertise. Indeed the process by which you choose your counsellor provides for therapeutic reflection in itself! My own opinion is to be open minded and to see what happens. There is always learning to be had.

Often, having made the decision to seek a therapist, we are impatient to get going. And there is little to go on simply looking at websites and calling cards. However I have deliberately presented this page in a way that gives you a flavour of what I am like, to help you choose. Even after we meet for the first time or first few times, you are under no obligation to continue working with me. For longer term work especially, you will want to choose the counsellor who is the right therapeutic partner for you.


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