Most people don’t spell my name correctly. It’s only got five letters but it still seems to be difficult, perhaps because it is not the commonest option. I don’t mind really but it can make me hard to find: 

“You’re not on our list” 

“We have no booking under that name” 

“We have no record of you” 

“I searched for you but couldn’t find you online” 

All of these can be remedied with a quick spell check, but it is rare for anyone to ask me how my name is spelled before denying me entry, showing me to my room/table, or accepting that I am registered with their organisation. Sometimes I wish I was called something really hard to spell, just so that they would ask, rather than assuming they know best. 

See if you can pick the correct spelling: 

Sir Hugh Munro, after whom Scotland’s mountains are named. Nope.

Marilyn Monroe, actress/goddess, curly hair like me, but wrong spelling

Singer Matt Monro, getting closer. Except it wasn’t his real name.

That’s me! Mary Monro, with ancestor Alexander Monro at Surgeon’s Hall.