Glynis graduated from the University College of Osteopathy in London in 1997. She started her own practice immediately, hiring a therapy room, and also worked in a North London centre with other therapists and The Fulham Osteopathic Practice with a group of osteopaths. She decided to move to Edinburgh with her late husband Matthew for a better quality of life. She worked as a locus during the transition from London to Edinburgh.

Glynis and Matthew set up the Eyre Place practice in March 2000. Matthew’s grandfather had driven past the building and seen the for-sale sign, and a year later, they opened the practice. They started with one room, got busier, and the practice now has five osteopaths as well as a counsellor and a massage therapist.

As the Principal Osteopath at the practice, Glynis has responsibility for junior colleagues. This involves supporting and assisting with cases when required, and personal development. She leads a mixed team, with the newest graduate having qualified around five years ago. She describes the Eyre Place team as confident, professional, caring, and dynamic, with an external focus. For example, before the pandemic, she and Kenneth organised Continuing Professional Development for Edinburgh osteopaths as well as peer support groups that met regularly in Eyre Place, during the pandemic they switched to an online format.

Outside the clinic, Glynis specialises in mentoring new graduates and peer support and set up the OsteoCoach to offer tailored support to colleagues throughout their careers. She also promotes osteopathy and health care both within her local community and nationally. She has become increasingly involved with health care leadership, taking a role in the council of the Institute of Osteopathy. She is currently the President of the Institute of Osteopathy.

Glynis enjoys the variety of general osteopathy practice, but she also thrives on complex problems. Her postgraduate studies include supporting patients who live with persistent pain. She likes to work with people who have suffered pain for some time, helping them unwind the causes of their pain, and exploring ways of helping them gain a greater sense of control of their pain. Over the years she has learnt a lot from her patients. Listening to patients is an essential part of that learning. Glynis believes that strong partnerships between the patient and the practitioner are essential for effective treatment. For Glynis, providing quality osteopathic care that focuses on the individual, listening to patients with respect, and encouraging patients to do the things that matter to them, are fundamentals of her practice.

An ideal day for Glynis is when she sees lots of interesting patients. This might include a mixture; a new patient with a conundrum; a few patients that are getting better; and a long-term patient. A nice long lunch and a walk with the dog make it perfect.

For Glynis, the twenty-first anniversary of Eyre Place is an opportunity to celebrate, to look back at what has happened to understand what has changed and to look forward to new opportunities. The pandemic has shown that osteopathy can make a vital contribution to this century’s healthcare needs. It is an interesting point in time for health care. Glynis believes that we’ve all been shaken by our vulnerability by covid, and she would like to see people take more responsibility for their health where this is practical. Osteopathy has an important role for people who are looking for ways of staying in the best possible health and could play a greater role in NHS Scotland’s approach to wellness, for example in social prescribing.

Glynis loves being an osteopath. She enjoys talking to people and finding out about their lives. To hear people talking about themselves, their professions, and their families is enriching. However, if questioned about alternatives she’d tell you that she’d try something creative – writing, dress design, painting, acting or further study. In her spare time, Glynis spends time with her daughter, reads, and walks the dog. As a teenager she performed three times in the Edinburgh Fringe, she is happy that she chose this career rather than pursue a life on the stage.

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