According to the Scottish Government:

Support groups and one to one support should be delivered remotely where possible but support may be delivered in-person if remote delivery is not possible and they are essential for people’s wellbeing. Examples of support services include peer support groups, talking therapy groups, day centres, respite care, one to one talking therapy and counselling.”

Whilst we are asked to work remotely, this is not on option for a number of people, who either do not have adequate technology to sustain the counselling relationship (a phone really isn’t the same as a laptop or desktop screen) or do not have a home environment with a safe, secure therapeutic space (flatmates, family etc). Also, for example, those whose issues are exacerbated by feelings of isolation as a result of lockdown, perhaps resulting in unmanageable anxiety.

With that in mind, I continue to offer face to face counselling, while also offering counselling online to anyone for whom this is more appropriate. When enquiring, please let me know which applies to you and I will send details of either how we meet given distancing and other rules or how online counselling with me works.

Adrian Tupper,